Having worked in the shirting field for many years with luxury Italian brands, Silvia Endresen is passionate about making beautiful shirts. She deeply believes in the power of fashion and design and how this enhances people’s experiences, leading their way to success.

Silvia knows that good design and refined craftsmanship are not enough. A ULV  shirt must have something unique: a good soul. It is why she chooses organic cotton fabrics for her shirts. 


”I am strongly inspired by the beauty of Norwegian nature, the people and their fantastic culture. This led me to create ULV, a brand that has at its core a deep respect for nature and global society, with no compromise on quality.”

ULV means wolf in Norwegian. The brand name has been inspired by Fenris wolf, the most powerful character in Norse mythology. Fenris has been invincible in numerous encounters with the Nordic gods, until the end of the world came. It is why ULV is a shirt dedicated to powerful men.


ULV is rooted in Scandinavian values where the respect for environment and people are paramount. Sustainability, Comfort, Quality and Beauty intertwine together to create a unique experience. 

Scandinavian design, known as innovative and functional, and eco-friendly materials made in Italy stand at the core of ULV concept.The impact on the environment is minimized by maintaining the entire supply chain in Europe. Outsourcing in Europe also guarantees a higher standard for craftsmanship and the overall quality of ULV shirts. 



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